Sunday, May 16, 2010

This weekend has gone by so fast..  I am not looking forward to a wild week at work.  My son has had more 18 year old growing pains over the  weekend.  I worry about him when he is not here..and at the same time, I am ready for him to spread his wings a little and fly   My husband has been away all weekend racing his RC cars. His favorite hobby away from home.  I am in need of a scrapbooking or stamping weekend... with a little antiquing and junking thrown in.... Today was a wonderful day at church.  My kloe girl LOVES to go to church.   She startes every week about Wed or Thursday and begs to go to church for the day.  Boy what I wouldn't give if that was on my
The weather has been cloudy and dreary.  Naptime weather.  I have gotten little done this weekend.  Oh well,  I needed the rest.
Blessings until next time.

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