Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a wonderful day today turned out to be.  The sun is shining bright and warm and the rain has gone away.   Kloe, my 2 year old is out playing in her new wading pool on the deck and could not be happier.  We also shared a picnic lunch on a towel next to the pool.  We had sneak a piece of sour cream peach pie....and all she kept saying is "ooooo I love pie!"   A girl after my own heart.

My men are at the RC car race track.  They could not get out the door fast enough.  First Sunday in many weeks that we were not getting rain.   I hope they are having fun.  Kevin and Kyle have been racing those cars for so many years together.  Every weekend those two were inseprateable.  What great memories my husband has given to our son.   And still at 18 going on 19 he purposely asks for Sundays off of work so he can spend raceday with DAD.


Well I can not wait for the next couple of weeks.  We are starting a big project that I have been on my husband's tail about....My son bedroom floor.   As much as I love my son I can honestly say He is the teenage slob and has spilled everything that seems to come into hisroom..(even though food and drink is to be off limits), the food must have legs and walks by itself into the room.  LOL.....Well I have talked my husband into puting hard wood floor in there.  At least I can wipe it up and not see a stained cream colored (well it was cream) carpet in there.   Hopefully it will go so well that we can go down the hall with it.   I really need to replace the carpet.  It is almost 14r years old and really does not look bad for the age that it is.   I used to carpet clean it all the time but, since the 2 year old....lets just say I have not had the energy to keep up to the task.  Hopefully I can post pictures soon.

Need  to get going for now.

Many blessings.

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  1. Sounds like some wonderful memories being made! I just love to hear that.

    You've got quite a project ahead of you. Best wishes with it.